Descendants of Joannis (Heb) HAPP


31. Anna HAEPP

Notes for Anna HAEPP 1846<1935>:
   Veronika Schmitz writes: ...“Heinrich and his wife Katherina, [Anna’s parents] died in short succession in 1859 and left seven children unprovided for, four boys and three girls, the youngest seven years old. The oldest son Matthias [twenty-four years old] and his sister Anna - who was but thirteen years old - took care of their brothers and sisters and managed the Smithy business supported only by one experienced journeyman.” This had to be quite a challenge. These two young people raising a family of five other children. Then the untimely and tragic death of Matthias.  All the brothers learned the profession of Blacksmith. Later on Anna married Heinrich Maus, a blacksmith from the neighbor village of Kronenburg, and they kept the house and the smithy. This house was totally destroyed during a massive bomb attack on January 25th, 1945 and all family members there in were killed.
    As recorded in the “Family-Record of the HAEPP Family”:  “... Anna married a blacksmith journeyman, Heinrich Maus from Kronenberg, who then worked with him [brother, Johann 1843-1919] in his shop. After a short time they, Johann Haepp and Heinrich Maus, came to a misunderstanding. Johann left and then farmed and worked as a lumberman.”

The Heinrich Haepp Family

   It should be noted  again that most of the events and dates pertaining to the Haepp family are without documentation. Information regarding some of the earlier generations of this family was confirmed in the research carried out in Germany by the writer and his wife. However most of it is taken from the “Nachkommen von Matthias Haepp“ or “Descendants of Matthias Haepp” descendancy chart. The chart was given to the writer and he has been most thankful for the contribution. Ursula Schmitz of Bonn, Germany   was able to assemble the chart with the information supplied by her mother Veronika (Haepp) Schmitz also of Bonn. Knowing the village of Stadtkyll’s history of fires, lootings and bombings it has not been easy for the people of the area to keep family histories. Thus they passed their paper on to me acknowledging that some of the events and dates could be erroneous. Realizing this the writer could have either chosen not to include the material or to include it with reservations. The writer chose the latter.

32. Katherina HAEPP

Notes for Katherina Haepp 1850-......:

33. Maria A. HAEPP

Notes for Maria A. Haepp  1851- .....: